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Individual PhD

Egal ob man sich für akademische Forschung oder Industrie entscheidet, ein Doktortitel der JGU öffnet viele Türen. Die Promotion erfolgt unter der Beratung eines JGU Professors. Es basiert auf ein Forschungsprojekt, welches das Thema einer Dissertation und mündlichen Prüfung wird. Es gibt keine obligatorische Lehrveranstaltungen zu belegen.

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5 Reasons for your PhD at JGU

  • 1.

    Most flexibility and largely independent

    Obtaining an individual PhD is the traditional path for pursuing a PhD. In Germany it remains the most common way to a doctoral degree and it involves a dissertation that is produced under the supervision of one professor.

    In this form of study we offer our students a great deal of flexibility. On the other hand the program demands a high degree of personal initiative and responsibility.

  • 2.

    Study individually and fully funded

    JGU offers junior researchers a fully funded program through a variety of sources. Our PhD students obtaining an individual doctoral degree usually get a position as a research assistant at JGU.

    With their contract of employment PhD students get individual support through their doctoral advisor, a defined duration and regular funding. This also includes research travel costs.

  • 3.

    Fits everyone's personal and academic needs

    How long an individual doctorate takes depends on each students own time schedule. PhD students get the opportunity to work on their research project with all of its nuances for up to four years.

    During this time our professors provide supervision that will help PhD students handle their research project including mentoring and guidance.

  • 4.

    Choose among our renowned professors

    Pursuing our individual PhD means that PhD students can choose their academic supervisor ("Doktorvater" or "Doktormutter") from among our renowned professors. Most of them are available to supervise dissertations.

    The relationship between our PhD students and their supervisors lays the foundation for a successful career in academia. Our professors will help PhD students integrate their research into the discipline and build up a network.

  • 5.

    Pursue a PhD individually but not alone

    Our individual PhD's provide a flexible and individual structure. At the same time we offer a dynamic research environment into which PhD students are integrated through colloquia, summer schools and various other events in our physics community.

    As a part of their research group, PhD students get involved into group activities like collaborative problem solving, discussions and after work activities.

What our professors say about JGU

Prof. Dr. Lucia Masetti

Professorin der experimentellen Teilchenphysik, ATLAS Gruppe

"Advanced physics studies allow you to follow your curiosity to explain the basic laws of nature."

Prof. Dr. Concettina Sfienti

Physik Professorin, Kernphysikerin in Wissenschaft verliebt!

"Concettina Sfienti on building bridges for young researchers at the new Master Academy and passing on the love of science"

Jun. Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott

Lichtenberg Professor bei ETAP Gruppe (Experimentelle Teilchen- und Astroteilchen Physik)

"A Master’s is essential for a career in research and industry."

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Wittig

Professor Kernphysik Institut & Koordinator des PRISMA Exzellenzclusters

"As a Master’s ‘student’ at JGU, you are already treated as a researcher."

Prof. Dr. Jure Demsar

Professor für Festkörper Experimentalphysik

"Physics is a future-oriented field because it drives technological advancement"

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"I chose to pursue a career in physics because there the truth isn't so easily bent."
Angela Merkel

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