Study in a open-minded and friendly atmosphere

Study in a open-minded and friendly atmosphere

With around 33,000 students from 120 nations, JGU has one of the largest and most international student populations in Germany. JGU is known among students and international visitors for its open-minded and friendly atmosphere. Nearly all of the institutions of JGU are located on one single campus. A broad range of social activities are offered that help you integrate quickly.

What do Mainz students do in their free time?

Game evenings: Do you remember what it was like in the good old days when you spent hours of playing Monopoly, Poker, or Yahtzee with friends and family? You rather prefer role plays? No problem – anybody with a playful attitude is welcome.

Pubcrawl: Offered regularly to make new students familiar with the party and bar scene in Mainz. This is the perfect occasion to get to know other physics students and become part of the inspiring physics crowd at JGU.

Party time at JGU

Summer barbecue: There is a lot of physics in food and drinks and to test the force of these elements, students celebrate the art of barbecuing with German bratwurst and beer once every summer.

Physics theme parties: Brit-Rock/Indie, Science Fiction, and much music – there are many ways to step out of the daily lab life by diving into the world of the theme parties. Dress up as SciFi character or simply be yourself – JGU science students are experts on organizing parties, hardly any experiment fails here.

Financing your life

While studying in Germany in general is free of tuition-fees, as granted in the Constitution, students still need to finance their daily lives and study material. A number of foundations offer scholarships to students on different levels, in different fields, and from different cultural and socio-demographic backgrounds. An overview of the different options can be found online.

"Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations. Examples include the double helix in biology and the fundamental equations of physics."
Stephen Hawking


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