What you should know
while studying at JGU

While studying

Excellence in science combined with savoir vivre - Mainz and JGU offer the ideal infrastructure for leading worldwide research in physics. As a student, you benefit from an unusually wide range of research specializations and you can choose amongst more than 50 research groups. Already in the Bachelor Program, you may collaborate with and conduct research at leading international facilities both locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Getting organized for your study of physics

At JGU we use the information system JOGUSTINE to get access to the course catalogue which offers an overview on all courses, seminars and lectures offered by the university. In case your language skills in German or another language are not sufficient yet, the preparatory college has free language courses for all students. To help you focus on your study and make your life easier we issue a “StudiCard” (student card), which you will need for the library account and for payment at the University's dining hall.

Discounts on your StudiCcard, finding a job

The “StudiCard” can be used as a library card and for cashless payment at most of the canteens on Campus at the same time. During your studies you have the possibility to get first practical job experience by e.g. supporting your group or supervisor with a paid student job as scientific assistant (“HiWi”).

Study abroad opportunities and further support during your studies

Our international study programs foster mobility of our students. We encourage every physics student to look beyond their own borders, get language practice and to adjust to a new environment and culture during their studies abroad. JGU offers various short-term and long-term study abroad opportunities. Our staff and fellow students would be happy to help with further information and to share their experiences. For any further advice don’t hesitate to make use of the wide range of offers like mentoring, special services for disabled persons etc.


Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott

Departmental Advisor

BSc & MSc Physics

Room 05 315

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Oberlack

Departmental Advisor

BEd & MEd Physics

Room 04 619

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55128 Mainz

Dr. Heiko Bozem

Subject Manager


Room 05 272

Johannes-Joachim-Becherweg 21

55128 Mainz


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