Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

The basis of our research is our excellent infrastructure. Starting with the availability of research facilities like advanced thin film deposition technology, clean rooms with nanofabrication and characterization, precision measurement technology, air-conditioned optical laboratories with precision tables and state-of-the-art lasers, climate chambers, helium liquefiers, ultra-low temperature cryostats, superconducting magnets, central detector and electronics labs, we also have access to our well-equipped workshops with technicians and engineers and operate major infrastructure facilities.

Computer Cluster MOGON

The cluster with more than 30,000 cores for the study of elementary particle collisions, lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations and the simulation of condensed matter applications.

TRIGA Research Reactor

The research reactor functions as high-intensity source of neutrons for answering fundamental questions in nuclear chemistry and physics.

Particle Accelerator MAMI

The accelerator provides electron beams up to an energy of 850 MeV, allowing researchers to study the scattering of electrons and real photons as well as parity violating effects.


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